Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome sea turtle enthusiasts!

Welcome everybody to this adventure! This blog is part of the innovations we are trying to offer as part of the "Time of Innovation" theme of the 32 Annual Sea Turtle Symposium. Let this be a new space for sharing experiences and images, as well as a dynamic site for announcements and flow of information regarding the upcoming event in Huatulco next March.
Stay tuned for more exciting contents to come and please consider becoming a regular contributor to this blog... the world of sea turtle conservation is vast, interesting and exciting, and you'll be surprised to know how many people out there share your passion!

Regards to all and remember: Nos vemos en Huatulco! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello World!!

I know you know how the sea turtles are born, so is this blog about the symposium to take place in México, and it is not only for this reason we exist, we do exist because along with symposium information we'd love to share information we gather on the web as well as some social media resources for your information. Hope you contribute and comment on the information we offer here and come back to visit us often.
                                                                      Sea Turtle